(Unit 6)

Online Reference Materials

Form: Fill in the blank exercise

Fill in the blanks by filling in each blank with the correct kitchen utensil given.

apron chopping board fish slice kettle
oven glove pan tongs whisk
  1. When you are cooking, use a / an                             to protect your hands from the hot oven or pots.


  1. A / An                             is a flat surface used for cutting and chopping ingredients in the kitchen.


  1. When you want to cook something on the stovetop, you can use a / an                             to heat and cook your food.


  1. A / An                             is an essential tool for boiling water or making hot beverages like tea or coffee.


  1. Before you start cooking, it is a good idea to wear a / an                             to protect your clothes from stains and spills.


  1. To flip or turn food while cooking, you can use a / an                             to easily lift and handle it.


  1. A / An                             is a tool used for mixing and blending ingredients together, especially in baking.


  1.                             provide a secure grip and are useful for flipping and serving food.


1.oven glove           2. chopping board         3. pan         4. kettle         5.apron         6. fish slice         7. whisk         8. Tongs