CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 18

Theme: Great people and amazing deeds (p.176)

  1. Deed (n.): a thing that somebody does that is usually very good or very bad

    After many heroic (英勇的) deeds (行為) in the earthquake (地震) were reported (報道) by the media, many survivors (倖存者) paid tribute (致敬) to the heroes.

  2. Remarkable (adj.): unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning

    Dr Lee, who possess (具有) both virtue (高尚品德) and profound (深入的) medical (醫學的) knowledge, is remarkable (傑出的).

  3. Rescue (n.): an occasion when somebody is saved from a dangerous or difficult situation

    To prepare for the rescue (救援) of the hostages (人質), the police was trying to negotiate (談判) with the captor (綁架者).

  4. Explore (v.): to search and discover

    The successful landing (登陸) of astronauts (太空人) on the moon is a big step forward for mankind (人類) to explore (探索) the universe (宇宙).

  5. Survive (v.): to continue to live despite a dangerous situation

    After drifting (漂流) out to a desert island (荒島), the elderly man survived (存活) by picking (摘取) fruit and hunting, and was finally found by a rescue team (救援隊) fifteen years later.

  6. Meditate (v.): to sit in a silent calm state for a period of time

    Some successful people meditate (冥想) to improve their well-being (幸福感).

  7. Encourage (v.): to give someone hope or confidence

    Parents should encourage (鼓勵) children to try different opportunities.

  8. Exceptional (adj.): much greater than usual

    The pianist (鋼琴家) broke both his arms when he was small so he plays the piano with his feet. His exceptional (非凡的) will (意志) has impressed everyone.

  9. Effort (n.): physical or mental activity needed to achieve something

    The driver was unconscious (失去意識的) after the collision (碰撞). Passers-by (路人) who saw the accident (意外) made an effort (努力) to pull the trapped (受困的) driver out of the car.

  10. Determination (n.): the ability to continue trying to do something even when it is difficult

    Thanks to the determination (毅力) of the fencer (劍術運動員), he turned the tables (扭轉局面) in the final round of the competition and beat his rival (對手), qualifying as an Olympian (奧運會選手).