CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 12

Theme: Friendship and dating (p.129)

  1. Fall in love with (v. phr.): to be very attracted to someone and begin to love them

    Over time (久而久之), the firefighter fell in love with (愛上) the doctor, who carefully treated (治療) his badly burned (燒傷的) eyes and always told him inspirational (鼓舞人心的) stories.

  2. Love at first sight (n. phr.): falling in love with someone the first time you see them

    In a fundraising (募捐) event, he was attracted by the generosity (慷慨) of a philanthropist (慈善家). He knew that it was love at first sight (一見鍾情).

  3. Close (adj.): knowing somebody very well and liking them very much

    Violet and Jade are very close (親密的) to each other. They have been roommates (室友) for more than ten years.

  4. Confess (v.): to admit doing something

    The boy confessed (承認) that he had accidentally (無意地) broken his friend’s laptop and he was going to ask his friend to forgive (原諒) him.

  5. Turn out (v. phr.): to happen in an unexpected way

    She thought that she was mistakenly kidnapped (綁架), but it turned out (結果是) to be a birthday surprise (驚喜) from her friends.

  6. Broke (adj.): having too little money

    The waiter thought he was broke (沒錢的) and it was impossible to make friends with celebrities (名人). Unexpectedly (出乎意料地), the famous entrepreneur (企業家) took a liking to (喜歡上) his loyal (忠誠的) and hard-working (勤奮的) personality (個性) and asked him if he could be his friend.

  7. Touched (adj.): grateful for something kind that someone has done

    He was deeply touched (受感動的) when his friend took the bullet (擋子彈) for him in the fierce (激烈的) war. He decided to stand by (支持) him ever since (從那時起).