CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 12

Theme: Friendship and dating (p.124)

  1. Impress (v.): to cause someone to admire or respect you

    She was impressed (使留下深刻印象) by the smooth (流暢的), difficult dance moves (動作) of her date (約會對象) at the party.

  2. Diligent (adj.): careful and working hard

    Aiming to study mathematics at Harvard University, she and her friends are very diligent (勤奮的) and always delve into (探究) mathematics problems together.

  3. Promising (adj.): likely to be very good or successful

    He and his friends set up (創辦) a company in software development (軟件開發), which they saw as a promising (有前景的) field in the future.

  4. Return the favour (v. phr.): to do something the same or similar in return for something one

    His friend not only took care of (照顧) him during his stay in hospital, but also helped him pay all the medical (醫療的) expenses (費用). After he recovered (康復), he always wanted to return the favour (報恩).

  5. Saviour (n.): a person who saves someone from danger or harm

    His friend came forward (挺身而出) and protected him when several bullies (欺凌者) were about to beat him. ‘You have saved my life. You are my saviour (救星)!’ he expressed his heartfelt (由衷的) thanks.

  6. Track down (phr. v.): to find something or someone after searching in different places

    In her spare time (空閒時間), she would help ask around (四處打聽) for news (消息) about her friend’s son. After four years of unremitting (不懈的) efforts, she finally tracked him down (追蹤到).

  7. Long-lost (adj.): lost or not seen for a long time

    She has been unable to contact (聯繫) her childhood buddy (朋友) since the tsunami (海嘯) forty years ago. Yesterday, she unexpectedly (出乎意料地) ran into (碰見) the long-lost (久未謀面的) friend in the city where she now lives.