CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 10

Theme: Personal social responsibility (p.111)

  1. Excuse (n.): a true or invented reason that you give to explain your behaviour

    Some members of the jury (陪審團) argued that there was no excuse (藉口) for murder (謀殺).

  2. Nuisance (n.): something or someone that annoys you

    Many residents (居民) regard (把……視為) the factory nearby as a nuisance (麻煩的事物) because it keeps emitting (發出) exhaust (廢氣) and noise.

  3. Traffic congestion (n. phr.): the state of being crowded and full of traffic

    The Danish (丹麥的) government encourages its people (人民) to use bicycles when going out because they neither pollute (污染) the environment nor cause traffic congestion (交通擠塞).

  4. Excessive (adj.): much more than is reasonable

    The animal rights activist (動物權益保護者) expressed concern (擔憂) about excessive (過度的) hunting (捕獵) and called on (要求) the authority to protect wild (野生的) animals.

  5. Step up someone’s efforts (v. phr.): to increase the amount or speed of something to improve a situation

    Since another burglary (入室盜竊) occurred in the neighbourhood, the police have stepped up their efforts (加把勁) to fight crime.

  6. Combat (v.): to stop something bad from happening or getting worse

    It is reported that some stores near tourist attractions (旅遊景點) have no price tags (價格標籤) on their shelves (貨架). Relevant departments (部門) should combat (打擊) this inappropriate (不當的) practice (做法).

  7. Comply with (v. phr.): to act according to a set of rules

    The principal pointed out (指出) that everyone should comply with (遵守) the fire safety regulations (規定) and all teachers have to learn to use fire extinguishers (滅火器).

  8. Enforcement (n.): the act of making people obey a law or rule

    Some members of the Legislative Council (立法會) appealed (呼籲) for stricter (更嚴格的) law enforcement (施行) to prevent tax evasion (逃稅).

  9. Publicity (n.): the activity of attracting the public’s attention to someone or something

    The publicity (宣傳) campaign (活動) aims to urge (力勸) people not to abuse (濫用) drugs (毒品) by letting them learn about the dangers of different types of drugs.