CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 9

Theme: Wonderful life—slow living (p.101)

  1. Fast-paced (adj.): happening very quickly

    Tired of the fast-paced (快節奏的) city life, the columnist (專欄作家) decided to move to a remote (偏遠的) village (村莊).

  2. Business district (n. phr.): a business and commercial area of a town or city

    At the end of the business district (商務區) is a park. People can go there to bask in the sun (曬太陽) after serious (嚴肅的) business negotiations (生意洽談).

  3. Observe (v.): to see or watch something or someone carefully

    Our biology (生物學) teacher encouraged us to take part in (參加) the field trip (實地考察) to observe (觀察) the creatures (生物) in nature (大自然) closely (仔細地).

  4. Thriving (adj.): continuing to be successful

    There is an ancient (古老的) temple (寺廟) sitting on the thriving (繁榮的) street. The monks (僧人) there lead a slow life, contrasting (對比) sharply (鮮明地) with the hurrying (匆匆的) pedestrians (行人).

  5. Old-fashioned (adj.): not modern any more

    Instead of buying new clothes, the old man likes to spend half a day repairing (修補) his worn-out (破舊的) and old-fashioned (過時的) clothes.

  6. Stressful (adj.): making you feel worried and nervous

    He complained (抱怨) to his psychiatrist (心理醫生) that he was leading a stressful (有壓力的) life and wondered (想知道) if there was a way to slow down.