CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 9

Theme: Wonderful life—precious moments (p.94)

  1. Adopt (v.): to legally take another person's child into your own family and treat him or her as your own child

    After being adopted (收養) by a kind couple (夫妻), the child, who was once depressed (憂鬱的), has become cheerful (快樂的) and outgoing (外向的).

  2. Take care of (v. phr.): to care for someone

    During the old man’s wandering (遊蕩的) days, he came across (遇到) a pitiful (可憐的) stray (流浪的) dog. The old man took care of (照顧) it and they became inseparable (形影不離的).

  3. Pregnant (adj.): having a baby developing inside body

    Although he was exhausted (極其疲憊的), he quickly gave up his seat to (讓給) a pregnant (懷孕的) woman when he saw her getting on (上車) the bus.

  4. Save the day (v. phr.): to do something that prevents a likely failure

    The bus driver suddenly fainted (昏迷的). Luckily, a passenger saved the day (挽救局面) by pulling on the handbrake (手掣), preventing the bus from spinning out of control (迅速失控) and crashing onto (闖上) the pavement (人行道).

  5. Mind (v.): to be annoyed or worried by something

    A middle-aged (中年的) woman stepped on (踩上) a man’s shoe and fell down (摔倒) when the train suddenly slowed down (減速). The man didn't mind (介意) at all and kindly (友善地) helped the woman up.