CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 8

Theme: Getting along with others (p.87)

  1. Relationship (n.): the way people feel and behave towards each other

    Building (建立) good relationships (關係) allows band (樂隊) members to bond (凝聚) with one another and perform better.

  2. Get along (phr. v.): to have a friendly relationship with someone

    The company holds a variety of (多樣的) outdoor (戶外的) activities every year. This enables the staff members (職員) to get along (相處融洽).

  3. Group mate (n. phr.): a member of the same group

    School projects often involve (涉及) working with group mates (組員) so that different points of view (思考角度) can be included in the discussions.

  4. Rude (adj.): not polite

    Pointing (指向) your finger at someone while speaking or sticking out (伸出) your tongue (舌頭) at someone is considered (認為) rude (粗魯的).

  5. Trust (v.): to believe someone is honest and will not harm you

    He confided in (向……吐露秘密) his best friend that he was an orphan (孤兒) and he trusted (相信) his best friend not to make the secret (秘密) public (公開的).