CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 8

Theme: Getting along with others (p.80)

  1. Social networking (n. phr.): communicating with people using the internet

    Social networking(使用網絡與人社交) provides us with opportunities to connect with people on the other side of the globe (地球), facilitating (促進) communication among people.

  2. Avoid (v.): to keep away from someone or something

    When socialising (參加社交活動), sophisticated (久經世故的) people tend to make small talk (閒聊) in a relaxed manner and avoid (避開) sensitive (敏感的) topics during the conversation.

  3. Reach out (phr. v.): to show someone that you want to help them

    To people who are suffering from psychological (心理的) stress, it means a lot to reach out (伸出援助之手) and give positive (積極的) guidance to them.

  4. Isolate (v.): to become physically or socially separated from others

    It happens from time to time (偶爾) that some students are isolated (孤立) on campus (校園). Teachers have to spend more time encouraging students to get along well with (相處融洽) one another.

  5. Interaction (n.): the activity of talking to other people

    There is much less face-to-face interaction (交流) among people nowadays as we bury ourselves in (沉浸於) electronic devices (電子設備).

  6. Back up (phr. v.): to support someone

    Backing your friends up (支持) when they are going through (經受) setbacks (挫折) can help them regain (重獲) confidence.

  7. Listen to (v. phr.): to pay attention to someone when he is talking something

    Before giving any advice (建議) or comments (評價), we should listen to (聆聽) others to avoid (避免) being judgmental (妄下結論的).

  8. Push (v.): to force someone to do something

    In interpersonal communication (人際交往), we should respect (尊重) and understand each other, and it is not advisable (可取的) to push (逼迫) others too hard.