CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 7

Theme: Media and Publications (p.77)

  1. Shoot (v.): to record a video or take a photo with a camera

    The world-renowned (世界知名的) director (導演) will return to Korea to shoot (拍攝) a short film, with the purpose of promoting (宣揚) the specialties (特產) of his hometown.

  2. Lighting (n.): the arrangement or type of light in a place

    Lots of parents are attracted by those television advertisements (廣告) claiming (聲稱) that the lighting (照明) effect (效果) of their lamps is good for children's eyes.

  3. Spot (n.): a particular place

    The music video was shot (拍攝) at a popular tourist spot (地點) in Northern Europe (北歐). That is why it is widely (廣泛地) praised (讚揚) for its scenic (風景優美的) background.

  4. One-shot video (n. phr.): a video that is filmed in one long take

    The full preparation of the props (道具), the perfect setting (佈置) of the scene (場景) and the superb (傑出的) performance of the actors made it a one-shot video (一鏡到底的影片).