CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 6

Theme: Study and work—cultural tour (p.62)

  1. Cultural tour (n. phr.): an organised trip for cultural activities, e.g. travelling to festivals and visiting historical sites

    As a cultural tour (文化導賞團) guide (導遊), I’m glad to share the thought-provoking (引人深思的) stories behind the historical and cultural buildings (歷史文化建築).

  2. Pull down (phr. v.): to destroy a building

    A world-renowned (享譽世界的) church in France caught fire (失火). The locals pulled down (拆毀) the remains (殘餘物) and rebuilt (重建) it.

  3. Architectural (adj.): relating to the design and construction of buildings

    In some countries, policies state (規定) that high-rise buildings (高樓大廈) should not be built at the expense of (以……為代價) architectural (建築的) heritage (遺產).

  4. Recognisable (adj.): easy to know or identify

    The Roman ruin (羅馬遺址) is still recognisable (可辨的) despite its exposure to wind and rain (風吹雨打) for thousands of years.

  5. Distinct (adj.): clearly different

    The Bank of China Tower (中國銀行大廈) has a distinct (獨特的) shape. It looks like a growing bamboo (竹子), implying (暗示) vigorous (蓬勃的) development.

  6. Demolish (v.): to completely destroy a building

    Government officials (政府官員) are planning to demolish (拆毀) the ancient (古老的) temple (寺廟) because it is in danger of collapsing (倒塌) due to its falling walls.

  7. Disappear (v.): to no longer exist

    Because of globalisation (全球化), the consciousness (意識) of preserving (維護) cultural and traditional values (價值觀) is disappearing (消失) among the townspeople (城鎮人民).

  8. Redevelop (v.): to build new buildings and roads in a place

    After multidimensional (多方面的) considerations (考量), the professionals (專業人士) thought that the area bordering (接壤) Hong Kong and Shenzhen was worth redeveloping (重新開發).