CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 4

Theme: Changes brought by technology (p.40)

  1. Channel (n.): a television station or something of a similar function on the Internet

    In order to arouse (激起) students’ interest in science and technology (科學與技術), the school has started a science and technology YouTube channel (頻道).

  2. Previous (adj.): happening or existing before something else

    Washing machines (洗衣機) have replaced washboards (洗衣板), the previous (先前的) tool (工具) for laundry (洗衣服).

  3. Stressful (adj.): making someone feel worried and nervous

    The level of production technology has improved significantly (顯著地). This has made life more stressful (有壓力的) for craftsmen (手工業者) as they might face unemployment (失業).

  4. Social media (n.): websites that allow people to communicate and share information on the Internet

    Social media (社交媒體) allow friends to keep in touch (保持聯絡) beyond the boundaries (超越界限) of time and space.

  5. Wilderness (n.): a remote place where no one has ever developed

    If you are stranded (流落) in the wilderness (荒野), you have to make a fire with sticks (木條) to warm yourself and grill (燒烤) food.