CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 3

Theme: Resources and energy conservation (p.37)

  1. Conserve (v.): to use something as little as possible so that it lasts longer

    Conserving (節約) energy can be as simple as using energy-efficient light bulbs (節能燈泡), turning off lights and closing refrigerator (冰箱) doors after use.

  2. Recyclable (adj.): able to be used again

    These good-looking (好看的) small crafts (工藝品) and their beautiful wrappers (包裝紙) are made from recyclable (可回收的) materials.

  3. Recycling bin (n.): a container for waste that can be reused

    While sorting (分類) rubbish, we can put paper, metals (金屬), plastics and glass into recycling bins (回收桶).

  4. Make good use of (v. phr.): to use something for a purpose and get an advantage from doing so

    Humans can make good use of (充分利用) hydropower (水能), tidal energy (潮汐能), wind energy (風能) and so on to generate (產生) power.

  5. Reusable (adj.): can be used more than once

    Instead of disposable plastic bags (即棄膠袋), people tend (傾向) to use reusable shopping bags (可重用的購物袋) after the imposition (推行) of the plastic bag levy (稅款).

  6. Electronic device (n. phr.): an object relating to computers and running on electricity

    Some experts suggest that users can adjust (調整) the screen time (螢幕使用時間) to save battery on their electronic devices (電子裝置).