CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 3

Theme: Resources and energy conservation (p.30)

  1. Scrapyard (n.): a place for old machine parts

    Someday, scientists (科學家) will be able to turn metal waste (金屬廢料) from scrapyards (廢料場) into energy.

  2. Invention (n.): something that no one has made before

    A group of local students created ingenious (巧妙的) inventions (發明品) to fight plastic pollution.

  3. Discover (v.): to find out something for the first time

    Scientists discovered (發現) that the use of new energy (新能源) such as wind energy (風能) and solar power (太陽能) can help alleviate (緩和) the serious environmental problems.

  4. Generate (v.): to produce energy or power

    Producers (生產者) take advantage of (利用) renewable energy (可再生能源) to make environmentally-friendly (環保) products like solar cells (太陽能電池) to generate (產生) power.

  5. Determined (adj.): having a strong desire to do something

    Leaders (領導人) around the world should be determined (堅決的) to fight climate change (氣候變化) instead of just focusing on economic issues.

  6. Recycled material (n. phr.): something that can be used again

    Many of the delicate (精緻的) gadgets (小玩意) in this bazaar (義賣) are made from recycled materials (回收的材料).

  7. Solar-powered (adj.): relating to energy that uses the power of the sun

    Famous high-tech (高科技的) enterprises (企業) are developing (開發) solar-powered (太陽能的) air conditioners (空調) and intend (計劃) to put them on the market in the near future.