CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 1

Theme: a business crisis (p.17)

  1. Orphan (n.): a child whose parents are dead

    Due to the lack of companionship (陪伴) from parents, orphans (孤兒) are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem (自尊 心低).

  2. Death (n.): the state of being no longer alive

    People are often hit (打擊) hard (沉重) by the death (死亡) of their loved ones.

  3. Generous (adj.): willing to give, especially more than expected

    Without the help of those generous (慷慨的) givers (捐贈人), some start-ups (初創企業) might not have survived the financial crisis (金融 危機).

  4. Homeless people (n. phr.): people who have no home

    There are still homeless people (無家可歸的人) who have to beg to make a living (維持生計) even in some developed countries (已發展國家).

  5. Keep the business afloat (v. phr.): to have enough money to maintain the business

    Many brick-and-mortar retailers (實體零售商) found it difficult to keep the business afloat (維持生意) during the pandemic (大流行病).

  6. Hot spot (n. phr.): a popular place

    Disneyland has been a hot spot (熱門地方) for people of all ages to relax at weekends since its opening.

  7. Pick up (v. phr.): to recover and improve

    With the subsidies (津貼) from the government, some sunset industries (夕陽 行業) are picking up(好轉).

  8. Cunning (adj.): achieving things in a clever way, usually by tricking or cheating others

    Some cunning (狡猾的) and immoral (不道德的) merchants (商人) sell necessities (必需品) at unreasonably (不合理地) high prices during a disaster (天災).