CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 1

Theme: Life problems—stress (p.10)

  1. Take a break (v. phr.): to stop doing something and rest for a moment

    If you feel tired, you can take a break (稍作休息) before going on with your homework.

  2. Under great stress (prep. phr.): suffering from anxiety due to difficulties in life

    Some students are under great stress (處在巨大壓力中) because of piles of assignments (功課) from a range of (一系列) subjects.

  3. Balanced lifestyle (n. phr.): a way of life with a healthy balance between work and personal life

    A balanced lifestyle (均衡的生活方式) not only helps reduce stress atwork, it also makes life more fulfilling (令人愉快滿足的).

  4. De-stress (v.): to relax after a worrying or busy time

    Daily exercise is a good way to de-stress (減壓) yourself and it simultaneously (同時) strengthens your body.

  5. Revision (n.): study of work you have done to prepare for an exam

    One of my classmates does no revision (温習) but she always gets goodgrades. I envy (羡慕) her.

  6. Panic (v.): to feel so frightened that you cannot think or act reasonably

    The pop quiz (突擊測驗) has made all the students panic (驚慌).

  7. Boost (v.): to increase or improve something

    Getting a place (學位) in his dream school did a lot to boost (提高) his ego (自我價值感).

  8. Pursue interests (v. phr.): to spend time on your hobbies

    Teenagers should discover their passions (熱衷的事物) and pursue their interests (追求 興趣) in their spare time.