CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 16

Theme: Leisure and entertainment (p.165)

  1. Busker (n.): someone who plays music in a public place so that the people there will give money to them

    With the rise (興起) of social media (社交媒體), more and more buskers (街頭藝人) are being filmed (錄影) by passers-by (路人) and posted (上傳) online.

  2. Passionate (adj.): having very strong feelings

    The lyricist (作詞人) is very passionate (有熱誠的) about classical literature (古典文學). That is why her words are often profound (有深度的) and subtle (含蓄的).

  3. Perform (v.): to entertain people, for example, by acting a play or playing a piece of music

    The confident magician (魔術師) performed (表演) so successfully that his seamless (無縫銜接的) movements (動作) amazed (使……驚歎) everyone in the audience (觀眾).

  4. Audience (n.): the group of people who have gathered to watch or listen to something

    At the much-anticipated (萬眾期待的) annual (年度的) four-wheel drive (四驅車) race, the audience (觀眾) marveled (讚歎) at the drivers’ great drifting (漂移) skills.

  5. Discouraged (adj.): feeling less confident or enthusiastic about doing something

    Instead of getting discouraged (心灰意冷的) when trailing (落後) by three goals (進球得分), the football team reformulated (重新規劃) their strategy (策略) and finally won.

  6. Afford (v.): to have enough money to be able to buy or do something

    The wages (工資) of many workers in metropolises (大都市) are not high. Some of them cannot even afford (支付得起) doing leisure activities like going to the cinema.