CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 16

Theme: Leisure and entertainment (p.160)

  1. Veteran actor (n. phr.): a person who has had a lot of experience of acting

    The veteran actor (資深演員) Sylvester Stallone (史泰龍), who has directed (執導) and starred (主演) in a number of Hollywood (荷里活) action films (動作片), has won critical acclaim (評論界的讚譽) in the world.

  2. Skilled (adj.): having the abilities needed to do an activity or job well

    In the audition (試鏡), the skilled (技藝純熟的) actress tried to bring out (展現) the best in herself.

  3. Beloved (adj.): loved very much

    The game has topped the chart (居排行榜之首) for three consecutive (連續的) quarters (季度), making it the most beloved (獲喜愛的) online game among teens (青少年).

  4. Collaborate (v.): to work with someone

    To win a volleyball (排球) match, simply being a skilled player is not enough. Collaborating (合作) with your teammates is the key (關鍵).

  5. Versatile actor (n. phr.): an actor who has many different skills

    Tony Leung is such a versatile actor (多才多藝的演員) that he could bring a character to life (演活角色) in both commercial films (商業電影) and art films (文藝電影).

  6. Portray (v.): to act a particular role in a film or play

    The acclaimed (廣受讚揚的) actor portrayed (扮演) a gang boss (黑幫頭目) in a television drama (電視劇) and his superb (精湛的) acting impressed many viewers (觀眾).

  7. Hone (v.): to develop and improve a skill over a period of time

    Chess was her favorite pastime (消遣活動) when she was small. Now, as a professional chess player (棋手), her skills have been honed (磨練) to perfection.

  8. Hilarious (adj.): extremely funny

    The clown (小丑) kept drawing (吸引) the audience's attention with his exaggerated (誇張的) expressions (表情) and movements (動作), which made his performance hilarious (滑稽的).

  9. Iconic (adj.): very famous, being considered to represent particular opinions or a particular time

    Anita Mui gained iconic (標誌性的) status following her death.

  10. Legend (n.): someone who is very famous and admired by many people

    Michael Jackson is recognised as a legend (傳奇人物) for his tremendous (極大的) attainments (成就) in music and his great contributions (貢獻) to charity (慈善).

  11. Contribution (n.): something that you give or do in order to help something be successful

    The physicist (物理學家) made a great contribution (貢獻) by accidentally (偶然) discovering buoyancy (浮力) while taking a bath, which laid the foundation (打下基礎) for many subsequent (隨後的) inventions.