CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 15

Theme: Individuals and society (p.157)

  1. Good cause (n. phr.): a socially useful activity that is not for profit

    As enthusiastic (滿腔熱血的) teenagers, we should have lofty (崇高的) ideals (理想) and devote (投身於) ourselves to a good cause (美好事業).

  2. Give back (v. phr.): to return something

    After years of education (教育), many young talents (青年才俊) give back (回饋) to society with practical (實際的) actions.

  3. Community (n.): all the people who live in a particular area when talked about as a group

    The councilor (議員) campaigned (競選) on the promise that he would do something for the community (社區), such as renovating (翻新) the old facilities (設施).

  4. Animal shelter (n. phr.): a place where animals that have been badly treated, or are lost or not wanted, can be cared for

    Many animal lovers donate (捐贈) supplies (日用品) to animal shelters (動物收容所) and volunteer (做義工) as often as they can.

  5. Thoughtful (adj.): carefully considering things

    As parents get older, they tend to have slower reactions (反應力) and poorer memories, so it is necessary for us to be more thoughtful (體貼的) when talking with them.