CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 15

Theme: Individuals and society (p.150)

  1. Nepal (n.): a country in South Asia

    The United Nations’ (聯合國) World Food Programme (世界糧食計劃署) offers support to Nepal (尼泊爾) through food and cash assistance (援助).

  2. Home country (n. phr.): the country which a person was born and raised in

    Many international students (留學生) miss their home countries (祖國).

  3. Delightful (adj.): very pleasant

    Tourists who have been to Maldives (馬爾代夫) find it a delightful (宜人的) place because of its natural beauty (天然美景) and pleasant climate.

  4. Neighbour (n.): someone who lives near you

    Generally speaking (一般來說), we should not turn up stereos (立體聲音響) loud at midnight (半夜). It disturbs (打擾) our neighbours (鄰居).

  5. Generous (adj.): willing to give more than is expected

    The physics (物理學) professor (教授) speaks in many lectures (講座). She is generous (慷慨的) in sharing her knowledge and experience (經驗).

  6. local (n.): a person who lives in the area that you are talking about

    The locals (當地人) in Thailand are generally welcoming (熱情的) and friendly to visitors.

  7. Volunteer (v.): to do something without being forced or paid

    When my brother heard that the next Olympics Games (奧運會) will be held in Paris, he volunteered (自願做) to work as a translator (翻譯) for the event to help athletes (運動員) communicate with the locals.

  8. Incredible (adj.): impossible or very difficult to believe

    The ballerina (芭蕾舞女演員) managed (成功做到) to complete ten consecutive (連續的) spins (旋轉). It was incredible (不可思議的)!

  9. Adjust to (v. phr.): to become more familiar with a new situation

    The organisation aims to help new immigrant (移民) students to adjust to (適應) new life in Hong Kong.