CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 14

Theme: The world of sports (p.147)

  1. Gym (n.): a special room that has equipment for doing physical exercise

    Gyms (健身房) often attract new customers by offering (提供) extra (額外的) courses and giving away (送出) coupons (優惠券) or small gifts.

  2. Weightlifter (n.): a person who takes part in the sport of lifting heavy weights

    Li Wenwen, Chinese weightlifter (舉重運動員), won a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (奧林匹克運動會).

  3. Warm-up exercise (n. phr.): a set of gentle exercises you do to prepare your body for sport

    Doing warm-up exercises (熱身運動) before running can prevent insufficient (不足的) lung capacity (肺活量), muscle strain (肌肉拉傷) and cramp (抽筋).

  4. Strength (n.): the physical energy that a person has

    Long-distance running (長跑) not only builds up (增強) physical (身體的) strength (力量), but also improves endurance (耐力).

  5. Posture (n.): the position in which someone stands or sits

    Diving (跳水) consists of (包括) a series of movements (動作). The preparation posture (姿勢) is the first step.

  6. Muscle (n.): a piece of body tissue that you make tight and relax in order to move a particular part of the body

    Doing more exercise can effectively (有效地) convert (轉化) body fat (脂肪) into muscle (肌肉), making the body look much more robust (健壯的).