CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 14

Theme: The world of sports (p.144)

  1. Psychologist (n.): someone who is trained to study the human mind, emotions and behaviour

    Psychologists (心理學家) believe that sports not only enhance (提升) our physical performance (體能), but also have an considerable (相當大的) impact (作用) on our mind (心智).

  2. Disqualify (v.): to stop someone from being in a competition because they have done something wrong

    The organisers (主辦方) of the competition have stipulated (規定) that athletes (運動員) who use illegal (違法的) drugs will be disqualified (取消資格).

  3. Professional career (n. phr.): the period of time you spend in your life working

    After graduating from college, the world-renowned (聞名世界的) player began his professional career (職業生涯) in NBA (美國職業籃球聯賽).

  4. Coach (n.): someone who trains others at a particular sport

    An experienced (有經驗的) coach (教練) knows how to give appropriate (合適的) training according to the physical and mental conditions (身心狀況) of an individual (個人).

  5. Misstep (n.): an act of placing your foot somewhere in an awkward way

    The squash (壁球) player could have caught the ball, but he made the misstep (失足) because of a sudden cramp (抽筋) in his calf (小腿).

  6. Training programme (n. phr.): a course for learning particular skills

    Athletes (運動員) need to attend (參加) various training programmes (培訓課程) to deal with unexpected (意料之外的) situations on the fields (運動場) during competitions.