CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 13

Theme: Study, school life and work (p.137)

  1. Job offer (n. phr.): a statement saying that you are willing to give something to someone

    Talented (有才能的) graduates (大學畢業生) from prestigious (有聲望的) universities are never short of job offers (工作邀請).

  2. Valuable experience (n. phr.): helpful or important knowledge or skill gained from doing something

    The majority (大多數) of college (大學) students say that they can put what they have learned into practice (應用於實踐) during their internships (實習), which brings them a lot of valuable experience (寶貴經驗).

  3. A wide range of tasks (n. phr.): many different kinds of work to be done

    Due to the cutbacks (削減) in staff during the recession (經濟蕭條), the only employee in the store had to do a wide range of tasks (多種不同的任務) on her own, such as ordering, selling and counting products (訂購、銷售和點算貨物).

  4. Request (n.): the act of formally asking for something

    Some young people who have just entered the workplace (職場) agonise over (苦惱於) how to politely refuse (拒絕) unreasonable (不合理的) requests (請求) from their colleagues.

  5. Reply (v.): to answer

    In international business transactions (交易), foreign traders (海外貿易商) often reply (回覆) to customers’ inquiries (詢問) via e-mail.

  6. Colleague (n.): someone who work with you

    When working on some large projects, it is inevitable (不可避免的) to spend time communicating with colleagues (同事) from various departments (部門).