CLASSROOM Grammar Elite
for Junior Secondary Students
Words by Theme

Unit 13

Theme: Study, school life and work (p.130)

  1. Admission (n.): the act of accepting somebody into an organization

    Schools are paying close attention to (密切關注) the latest (最新的) admissions (錄取) policy issued (發布) by the Education Bureau (教育局).

  2. Undergraduate programme (n. phr.): a course of study for students who are studying for their first degrees at a university

    New Undergraduate programmes (本科課程) in electronic sports (電子競技), big data (大數據) and artificial intelligence (人工智能) are favoured (受歡迎) by many young people.

  3. Bachelor degree (n. phr.): a first degree at university

    Students who want to earn a bachelor degree (學士學位) must submit a thesis (論文) in addition to completing the courses prescribed (規定) by the university.

  4. Concerned about (adj. phr.): a way of spending time taking a rest

    Many students majoring in (主修) ecological agriculture (生態農業) are concerned about (擔憂) their future because the number of agriculture-related (與農業相關的) jobs is very limited.

  5. Job prospects (n. phr.): the possibility of being successful at work

    According to an authoritative (權威的) report on job prospects (職業前景), the employment rate (就業率) of college students is increasing steadily (穩步地).

  6. Faculty (n.): a group of departments in a university that specialise in a particular subject

    The student assistants (學生助理) told the freshmen (大一新生) that the faculty (學院) provides a wide variety of academic (學術的) supports.