CLASSROOM Reading Headway
Pre-HKDSE Targeted Practice (Book 2)
Vocabulary Glossary

Unit 11

Welcome to the chess world! (p.92–93)

Part A

VocabularyPart of speechSynonymChinese meaning
1. aspiring adjective hopeful 雄心勃勃的
2. electrifying adjective astonishing 令人激動的
3. exceptional adjective extraordinary 卓越的
4. challenger noun contestant 挑戰者
5. enthusiast noun fanatic 愛好者
6. prodigy noun genius 奇才
7. strategy noun plan 策略
8. adjourn verb suspend 休會;休庭
9. dominate verb govern 控制
10. root for phrasal verb advocate 支持

Part B

Idioms related to competitions
VocabularyPart of speechChinese meaning
1. adapt to changing situations verb phrase 適應變化的局勢
2. give up a piece to protect another verb phrase 棄子保全
3. learn from my mistakes verb phrase 從錯誤中學習
4. move my pieces to the centre verb phrase 將棋子移至中央
5. plan my moves verb phrase 計劃我的棋步
6. protect my pieces verb phrase 保護我的棋子
7. respect my opponent verb phrase 尊重對手
8. watch my opponent’s moves verb phrase 觀察對手的走棋