CLASSROOM Reading Headway
Pre-HKDSE Targeted Practice (Book 2)
Vocabulary Glossary

Unit 19

Reporting a bullying incident at school (p.152–153)

Part A

VocabularyPart of speechSynonymChinese meaning
1. intimidated adjective frightened 畏縮的
2. pathetic adjective miserable 無用的
3. plea noun request 懇求
4. harassment noun intimidation 騷擾行爲
5. take aback phrasal verb put away 使(某人)大吃一驚
6. dare verb be brave enough to 敢於
7. threaten verb menace 威脅
8. tiptoe verb sneak 踮著腳走
9. tolerate verb endure 容忍
10. tremble verb shiver 顫抖

Part B

Idioms related to competitions
VocabularyPart of speechChinese meaning
1. cyberbullying noun 網路霸凌
2. insults noun 侮辱
3. physical adjective 身體的
4. pushing verb
5. sending rude messages verb phrase 發送粗鄙訊息
6. social adjective 社交的
7. spreading rumours verb phrase 散播謠言
8. verbal adjective 言語的