CLASSROOM Reading Headway
Pre-HKDSE Targeted Practice (Book 2)
Vocabulary Glossary

Unit 2

Social media influencers (p.22–23)

Part A

VocabularyPart of speechSynonymChinese meaning
1. charismatic adjective appealing 有吸引力的
2. hefty adjective large 可觀的
3. sponsored adjective backed 受贊助的
4. bond noun connection 聯繫
5. controversy noun argument 爭論
6. investment noun venture 投資
7. review noun analysis 評論
8. come up with phrasal verb think of 想出
9. persuade verb convince 說服
10. promote verb popularise 宣傳

Part B

Idioms related to competitions
VocabularyPart of speechChinese meaning
1. brainstorm verb 集思廣益
2. captivate verb 吸引
3. comment noun 評論
4. fan base noun 粉絲群
5. platform noun 平台
6. post noun 帖文
7. potential adjective 潛在的
8. trending adjective 流行的