> CLASSROOM Primary Good Writing Guide

Students often find writing difficult. They are unable to use appropriate words and grammar to express their ideas. CLASSROOM Primary Good Writing Guide is intended to help students with these problems.

CLASSROOM Primary Good Writing Guide is a brand new writing series designed by dedicated educators. The series contains three books which are tailor-made for primary students of different levels. The theme-based approach of Good Writing Guide enables students to learn essential writing skills and grammar in an effective and yet interesting manner.

CLASSROOM Primary Good Writing Guide also comes with a wide range of online resources, including a vocabulary bank and additional writing samples, allowing students to further explore the themes.

Writing does not have to be agonizing. CLASSROOM Primary Good Writing Guide is an effective tool for teachers and parents to make writing enjoyable for their children.

The layout of CLASSROOM Primary Good Writing Guide is carefully designed in a way to maximize learning. Each unit begins with Word Bank to expose students to theme-related vocabulary with colourful illustrations. The unit continues by guiding students to brainstorm ideas in Brian Compass. The subsequent section is Language Focus which allows students to learn some practical sentence structures and grammar knowledge. This section is then followed by Para-Tower with the aim of guiding students to organize their ideas into a coherent composition.

To enhance learning, the next section, Essay Gallery, provides two different levels of writing samples with comments. Thus students can learn from the strengths and weaknesses of each sample. For students who need additional ideas, they can read the next section - Idea Twists. Finally each unit ends with Writing Laboratory – a section that allows students to practise what they have just learnt with alternate topics and complementary online resources.

It’s time for teachers and parents to equip their children with this unique writing tool - CLASSROOM Primary Good Writing Guide!